Monday, July 27, 2009

Erik Noonan, Christina Fisher, Justin Ready - Thursday, August 6, 7:30pm

Dear Friends,

Please come out to The Waypost (3120 N. Williams Ave.) Thursday, August 6th at 7:30 pm for poems and music. Smorg is pleased to host San Francisco poets Erik Noonan and Christina Fisher, and local musician Justin Ready - guitarist and lead vocalist for Portland's own Pigeons.

Festivities underway at 7:30 pm.

Food, beer, wine and espresso all available at The Waypost.

See you there!



Christina Fisher lives in San Francisco. Growing up in Florida she fell in love with the siren call of the manatee named Poetry which ushered her to the West. After a stint in Portland she came down to enroll in the now defunct Poetics Program at New College. She worked closely with poet Lawrence Fixel helping to organize his papers and as a result befriended him and his wife Justine. She's currently at work on an ongoing project involving further publication of Fixel's work and will likely never leave the city unless somebody buys her a villa on an island off Italy. Books include Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder (Red Ant Press) and Maybe, a Painter (Auguste Press).

ERIK NOONAN was born in Los Angeles in 1974. He lives in San Francisco.

Justin Ready lives in Portland, Oregon. He plays guitar and sings lead in the band Pigeons.

Poems - Tichy and Szymaszek

Nui Sam

On the steps of the pagoda
A man was begging

A man with no eyes was begging
On the steps of the pagoda

It might be fire it looks like that
It might be Willy Peter

A smooth tight kind of burning
To the bone it might be that

Someone had drawn red circles
Maybe he had drawn them

Someone had drawn red circles
Where his eyes would be

It might be lipstick it looks like that
It might be red lipstick

They make a place to look
When you are looking

A place to put your eyes
It might be that

- Susan Tichy

from Hart Island

Island of one

million unvisited

policy named for

its organ shape defunct

missile silo lunatic

shoe compost TB

limb box Academy

Award winner un-

identified East Village

apartment dividend

soft body area

by 25 years

- Stacy Szymaszek