Thursday, June 5, 2008

Smorg #2 - Portland Haiku Club - 6/21/08

Dear Portland,

Please come out and join the Portland Haiku Club in reading your own or other favorite haikus. The half-anonymous members of the Portland Haiku Club have been composing one haiku a day for months now, and mailing them off to each other surreptitiously, in extremely creative fashion. The members have never met.

As with Smorg #1 (an intimate success), the reading will be held at The Waypost, a community-conscious coffee and ale house, 3120 N Williams Ave., Portland OR, USA. Saturday, June 21st. 7:30pm.

Bring haikus and friends.

(A possible sweet party to follow.)


p.s. The beautiful author photos of Ryan Newton, Patrick Dunagan and Jacqueline Motzer you see below (from Smorg #1) should have been, and now are, credited to Carlos Alcibar.