Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Susan Tichy & Stacy Szymaszek, Tuesday, June 30th, 7:30 pm

Dear poets and friends,

Please come out to The Waypost (3120 N. Williams Ave., PDX) at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, June 30th for a special evening with Susan Tichy and Stacy Szymaszek. An alignment of stars to have these two poets in town on the same evening!

Food, beer, wine and espresso all available at The Waypost.

This reading sponsored by Ninkasi.

Hope to see you there!



Susan Tichy’s most recent book, Bone Pagoda (Ahsahta Press, 2007), is an extended meditation on Vietnam—the country, the war, and the moral catastrophe signified by this word in American memory. It is underwritten by her experience as a war protester and as the wife of a combat veteran. Her poems have appeared widely in the US and Britain, and have been recognized by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and numerous awards. She teaches in the Graduate Writing Program at George Mason University in Virginia, and otherwise makes her home in a ghost town in the Colorado Rockies. Her fourth book, Gallowglass, will be out from Ahsahta in 2010.

Stacy Szymaszek is the author of Emptied of All Ships (Litmus Press, 2005), Hyperglossia (Litmus Press, 2009) as well as many chapbooks, most recently Orizaba: A Voyage With Hart Crane (Faux, 2008). A limited edition letterpress chapbook, from Hart Island is forthcoming from Albion Books. She is the editor of Gam and the Artistic Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.

Koeneke and Fisher


benjamin friedlander

So now we can recognize
by a bend in the photographic emulsion trail when you shimmy
how old your neutrino oscillations are

and how they occur
against your small mass
as novel long-range American radio forces
bring you dispersion and sleep

hang up the empire,
frag its best students—
every vertical Sicily calls on you

to ease the live protons
in trucks for quick movement
a century's casings
spent on your holiday boots.




I’ll trade you my Willie McGee

for your Gary Templeton

they don’t necessarily have to be about baseball

but the crack of the bat made me think

I could write a novel

hope springs eternal

lost in the sun

can we keep our beloved in the area

the pop up we get our dreams from

Cheyenne Mize will you marry me

to dive in the outfield

I’m down on one knee

do you mind making that 3 hotdogs

on the verge of a shutout

this is baseball it’s impossible to shut out the world

especially on the way in the stadium

bringing the heat today I yelled

this is our year

let the idiots stay home