Saturday, May 3, 2008

Smorg #1


The best things about you are innocent wrongs

once leaning against a stool

a firm patience that doesn't outtalk itself

long walks when wetness left us

"kindergarten" drinks together

all night poetry every night

living together even when we never have

or will knowing what it feels like

waking to have a cup of coffee

San Francisco Manhattan Portland Los Angeles

cities in our shared blood

once I pour out everything I have and everything

you are is so natural this artifice

where no one is lied to

we each recognize there is this between us

an easy come and go of affection

wafts of fog about bright moon-lit building-tops

lack of perfect grace pushed further out as the years come

being you is the reward of poetry the you

& you know me as you are red or pale fading

re-affirming coming on strong or quietly

a belt on a pair of jeans longing rides upon

- Patrick James Dunagan


Slowly past this reader you read
and as you lightly perplex a perplexity lines from me
all the read lines perplexed planted

and in your plant i rave, here
have rolled a raving
have blued the roll and blessed
living its linear and planted blue
its blessing to black so raving and rolled.

Now morphing into this blue living
black to your morphosis, your blessed variant
I vary for you faring
so that we living could reach black fare
at the morphous reaches I breathe various
our breath fair and reaching
by the wish
our whorls wishing – whorling

Now, here as breathy nerve and feeling
nerve this pitch
I feel almost wished to
pitch from your slippage you have slipped me
and from my count I have counted you whorled

-- Jacqueline Motzer

Comanche X
for Rita

Think I’ll try and
make way through wooden veins
what’s left of today

frayed denim an
leak in the rear differential

snow drift
crystal foot powder
tiffany comfort

when under the microscope
clearer intentions
bubble up

brain waves
predator prey populations

I would like to be
Redd Foxx
if only

to remain
perilously on top
of the Situation

- Ryan Newton

Smorg #2 will be held in late May or June. Stay Tuned!