Thursday, September 25, 2008

October 12th, 2008 - Richard Froude, Thomas Walton - 2pm

Please come out to The Waypost (3120 N Williams Ave., Portland, OR) Sunday October, 12th at 2pm for brunch and poetry. A poetry church of sorts! With the exquisite Thomas Walton and Richard Froude. Smorg returns after enjoying the summer off.

Richard Froude was born in London and raised in the Westcountry. He’s lived in the US since 2002 and is the author of Tarnished Mirrors (Muffled Cry 2004), The Margaret Thatcher Trilogy (Catfish 2007), the forthcoming On Movement from Minus House Press and The History of Zero available any day now from Candle Aria Press. Work has appeared in numerous print and online journals, most recently Hangman, The Diagram, Word for Word, Parcel and the anthology 31 Words. He edits the journal Thuggery and Grace with poets Erik Anderson and Anne Waldman, and the occasional publication Pop Séance with Anderson, Jesse Morse and Ryan Newton. He teaches creative writing at Denver’s Steele Elementary School and the University of Denver where he is working towards a PhD.

Thomas Walton is a Seattle poet from Corson's Inlet, Brest. He has been published in numerous magazines and journals including The I Want You To Do Me Too Review, Bored With Me Quarterly, and The I'm Semi-Hard Bi-Weekly. He has been writing serious poetry for about three weeks.

Hope to see you there...

Portland Haiku Club an Intimate Success

The haikus, held together, built a wonderful postal collage. The members met for the first time. All haikus continue to be sent anonymously...

caught between
what occurs - what's been worked

arrowhead or stone

The pivot transforms

disease into grey snake skin

crumpled in the sand

Ants clinging fast to

Cottonwood fluff parachutes

Walking back for days

overheard fight:

"I don't need advice.

The only advice I'll take

is from millionaires."

we're biding our ways

and then life reveals itself

quick now, shoot the gap